A fresh solution for advertisement

Adleria provides the easiest and most cost efficient solution to display ads on digital signage screens. From a powerful search function to a complete campaign system, you are in full control on when and where your ads are displayed. Invoicing and payment is automated so that administration costs are kept to a minimum.

Easy advertisements

on digital screens

For small and large business

All-in-one advertising solution

We provide you with the tools and the highest level of service so that you can create efficient campaigns that have large impact for your business: select large areas, or smaller ones, pick your target groups, create campaigns that can be changed at any time at no extra cost. Configure exactly when they shall be played.

Running campaigns with a single click

Adleria is designed with a refined interface so that anybody can create campaigns. From the large media broker used to manage dozens of campaigns daily, to the small business, with only a few campaings a year.

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